10000 calories food plan

Perfect Food Plan for You

No, I didn’t have one of them 1000 calorie food plans while I was struggling with weight loss myself. Well, not only was I then naive & unaware about the nuances of weight loss, but also delusional.

Most of us belong to the foodie & burn it off school of thought & assume that we can eat whatever we want, so long as we burnt it off. Well, true if you are 18 and spend most of your time running to or away from class/lectures. Or walk for 2 hours (to save on the transport cost) to shop. Or stand in a queue for 3 hours, to watch the next movie show because you just missed the last one. Or play a vigorous sport for an hour because you just can’t stand to lose a match. Or walk for hours around campus gossiping with friends. Or post dinner, move from one hostel room to another socializing. Or dance (nearly) every night @ a birthday party in the hostel. You see, you do that as a part of your regular college life without realizing you are exercising/burning calories. Ah! The joys of college life…

And also true if what you like is a small brownie occasionally, not if your outing is incomplete without a full hot chocolate fudge ice-cream/chocolate fondant cake, all to yourself. Well, I was that and more at 18 & while at 30 my activity was down to 30 mts aerobics, running after kids (some would argue that, that’s serious calorie burn :)) & driving to/from work, my foodie-ism was not. In fact, it had only grown, thanks to the proliferation of all the amazing restaurants & unlike before, my ability to rightfully pay for it. Therefore, in retrospect, again, it is no wonder I became what I became, but at that time it seemed rather puzzling – I was eating as before & working out too, so, really, what was wrong!!

Well, finally the delusion broke, but, not until I had nearly broken my body (jumped/hopped/skipped for 2 hrs daily for 1 month) & yet the damn scale had not moved. Tough times call for tough measures & finally post multiple hits & tries, I finally did measure up my food to my age & my weight loss target. More on that hit & try saga later. For now, I have a specially designed 1000 Calorie Food Plan for you from Vandana Sarin, a certified nutritionist who has worked with Sitaram Bhartiya Hospital & VLCC. No starvation. No fad diets. Only healthy eating. A 1050 Calorie weight loss Diet Plan, for an average* normal (healthy**) overweight person:
Early-morning: Tea/Coffee (without sugar)
Breakfast: Milk (250ml) + 5-6 almonds + Veg. Sandwich (1 slice bread + cottage cheese + cucumber/tomato/lettuce/mint chutney) or Egg & 1 toast.
Mid-morning: 1 Fruit (except banana/grape/chikoo/mango) or roasted chana (fistful) & veg. soup (no cream/butter/cornflour)
Lunch: 2 small chapattis (with added wheat bran/besan/choker)/Whole meal/Multigrain bread or 1 bowl brown rice + 1 bowl green leafy vegetable + 1 bowl another vegetable
Evening: Sprouts/Sprout salad & Tea/Coffee (without sugar)
Dinner: 1 bowl of soup (optional) + Salad + 1 bowl vegetable + 1 bowl dal/pulses/legumes/beans (or 150 gm chicken/fish)

*For specific calorie intake basis personal profile & weight-loss target refer to: http://www.calculator.net/calorie-calculator.html
**In case you suffer from hypo/hyper thyroidism/high cholestrol/other health issue, pls. consult your physician before starting this plan.
***Bowl refers to 125-150 ml.
***All quantities specified are post cooking

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